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Eligible for invisalign?

i am 17 years old, but i'm missing some of my molars. i'm not sure which ones are missing, but i know that i'm at least missing them on my upper row. does that autmotically make me ineligible for invisalign? all i want to fix is spacing on my upper row.

Eligible for invisalign?
No, this does not automatically disqualify you for Invisalign treatment. It depends on what else is going on in your mouth and what your treatment goals are. Just ask an Invisalign-certified dentist to check you out and answer your questions.
Reply:Invisalign is made to treat mild cases of malocclusion, so this will depend on your dentist's evaluation.

Invisalign won't solve the problem of your missing teeth, it solves mild problems of spacing and teeth crowding, the more the case is severe, the more probably need a conventional orthodontic treatment (braces). So consulting your dentist will give you the chance to know all the options you have for treatment of your situation.

I'm starting invisalign tomorrow and I'm concerned about a possible wisdom tooth. Any help?

Obviously, I'll be talking to my orthodontist about this, but I'm a little concerned that nothing has been said about it already. I start my invisalign tomorrow, for a 5 month treatment, but over the weekend felt what I'm assuming is a wisdom tooth poking through my gum on the upper-left, back side of my mouth. There is no pain, nor has there been any. About 1 1/2-2 months ago I had panoramic x-rays done for my invisalign and about two-three weeks ago my treatment plan was sent to invisalign for approval/tray creation. At no time has anyone said wisdom teeth are an issue. Also, previous dentists have not told me that its imperative that I have wisdom tooth removal. However, I've been reading that wisdom teeth can cause crowding and I'm afraid that if this tooth causes that while I'm doing my invisalign, it will be counterproductive. I'm also thinking that since nobody said there were any problems I'm ok, and that I can just have the tooth removed after my treatment if need be.

I'm starting invisalign tomorrow and I'm concerned about a possible wisdom tooth. Any help?
If the dentist didn't say anything about the wisdom teeth, they must not be a problem. So, you're right, they'll probably be removed after your treatment if need be.You don't need your wisdom teeth and they will need to be removed before they cause any problems.

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i am 17 years old,i know that i have to go to the dentist for my questions but i wanted to come here first.

* if i just want to close my gap, how long do you think i would have to wear the invisalign retainer?

*if i only want to fix the top row in my mouth will the price decrease or stay the same?

*how long did you have your invisalign retainer and/or did it work?

Prices vary from place to place - although Invisalign lab charges dentists the same amount no matter where they live.

In my part of the world, a limited case starts at $2700. Time for limited case, maybe 6 months or less.

If you have orthodontic coverage with your dental plan (or your parent's plan) it will cover Invisalign exactly the same as it would regular ortho.
Reply:if that's all you want ,get invisalign i have it right now.

Do i have to remove my braces (invisalign) in order to take tylenol?

this has to do with my previous questions about my invisalign. according to the dentist and the manafacturers of invisalign I can only have invisalign in my mouth for water, but my teeth hurts and i don't want to take them out. I have already taken them out to eat pizza-it was really sore before i took them out and after i put them back in. Any help is welcomed.

Do i have to remove my braces (invisalign) in order to take tylenol?
As long as you do not have trouble swallowing the pill, go for it. But, only if it is a pill, don't do liquids or chewables. They tell you that b/c almost everything sticks to that material/stains it. However, ibuprofen/motrin works better for teeth pain. I like aleve the best on teeth pain from braces. This is b/c tylenol has no antiinflammatory action which is what is causing a lot of your pain.
Reply:I would say not, your not chewing the pill, your swallowing it, but if your that concerned, call your orthodontist.
Reply:You should be fine to leave them in while you are taking some Tylenol. Here's a hint: next time you are getting ready to start a new set of trays take some Tylenol about 30 minutes before and that will help with any soreness. Good luck!

Anywhere I can get Invisalign for less than $2k? My insurance covers the rest, but trying to get lower.?

I'm a candidate for Invisalign. My insurance will pay for half of orthodontic care, which leaves me with $2k of expenses for Invisalign. Has anyone been able to get it for less?

I live in Atlanta.

Anywhere I can get Invisalign for less than $2k? My insurance covers the rest, but trying to get lower.?
So, if your insurance pays half, then your dentist is charging $4K?

For a full or complex case, that's pretty reasonable. A limited case would run much less.

Your dentist will probably allow you to pay over the course of treatment, as long as the balance is paid in full before your last aligner is delivered.

General dentists usually charge somewhat less than Orthodontists. Check the Invisalign website for dentists in your area and then call around.

It's been said here before, but "cheap" in dentistry often means lower quality. Go with an experienced dentist and you will be glad you spent the extra $$$ in the long-run.
Reply:$2,000 is not too much more than Invisalign charges the dentist for an average case. I'd be absolutely shocked if you could find it for "below cost."

Also, if your insurance pays fifty percent and you get a fee of (let's say) $3,000, they would then pay only $1,500. And so on. If your contract says, "50% for orthodontia up to a maximum of $2,000," doing this any other way is illegal.
Reply:Look on this web site and see if it will be any help to you!

Can invisalign correct overbite?

i have a deep over bite doctor said about 80 percent (bottom teeth touches top root)

can invisalign correct deep overbite

Can invisalign correct overbite?
No Invasilign is for only for minor teeth irregularities. You will most likely need braces (the train track type), on both the top and bottom sets of teeth because to correct an overbite head gear is required to fix an overbite.
Reply:no invisalign will not help this -- you will need braces and most ortho offices now have a T.A.D. temporary achorage device for overbites that they put in your mouth to pull your jaw back -- this is used instead of headgear.

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Does Invisalign work?

I am interested in getting the Invisalign teeth aligners and im asking anyone who has used them if they work and if so how much time did it take (roughly).

Im 15 and have a crooked front tooth that I hope this system can fix along with an underbite.

Does Invisalign work?
This link will take you to the site -

It is used to correct an underbite and will most definately take care of your crooked front tooth.

This page goes through the steps and says on average it takes about 1 year.

Also, as a hygienist I notice people's teeth alot, but the other day I had lunch with someone I don't see often and didn't even notice she had them. After I saw her take them out in the bathroom I was surprised and she is very very happy so far.

Hope that helps!

JAMRDH - a dental hygienist
Reply:i have seen under bites fixed with invisalign and i think you should visit for more info and i do think that they work...i guess it really depends on what your case is and how severe it is....they usually take the same even less time and braces...around 2 years...and you get new trays as your teeth move which is every 2 weeks. i hope i helped you..and visit the site because i concidered them but my mom said braces were fine for me...
Reply:Um. I don't knoe from experience. But my friend, he got Invisalign and it works. But a lot of people say they make your teeth more yellow for some reason.
Reply:The dentist I work for offers invislign. It strightens your teeth but does not fix your overbite, tmj, malocclusion, etc. You start by going to your dentist to see if your a canidate (most dentist will offer this visit for free with NO xrays). Then they will take about a dozen impressions of your mouth using impression material. They will send it off to the invislign lab. The invislign people send the dentist about 16-18 custom made trays that are designed for your mouth. You come about every six weeks to get your next set of trays. Costs range from $3500-$4800 or so. The real cost is only about $1500 or so.

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